IMG_20161008_151224057Born in 1981 in Touraine, the French region were Descartes, Rabelais, and Balzac were born, Olivier F. Delasalle is a French writer, philosopher, and author of graphic novels.

He grows in Ecquevilly, a small horizontal city in the suburbs of Paris, before starting his studies in French language and literature at the Sorbonne. During his years as a student, he spend more time in movie theaters, museums, and cafés, than in classes, but he nontheless graduated, before having a lay-over at the American University of Paris, and receiving an MBA from the Paris Graduate School of Management.

After receiving these lovely pieces of paper, he works in the most diverse jobs: courrier, English teacher, super, back-office manager in a bank, and even cleaning man. In the same time, he pursue an informal curriculum studying drawing, psychology, and calligraphy.

His first published book, a graphic novel entitled L’Odyssée du microscopique (An Oddyssey in the microscopic) came out in 2015 at La Boîte à Bulles. He published articles in several magazines, and created several blogs. His latest one, Bagels and Baguettes, chronicles his life between Paris and Brooklyn.